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Originally Posted by cardsrus1 View Post
I have a suggestion, how about having somebody that can fix the errors on the listings. I have 16 items in my inventory that I cannot sell because nobody will fix them! They were uploaded over a month ago and I have clicked the "Wrong data?" button daily since then. I have given up explaining what is wrong, they are all rather easy to see, that is if someone would take the time to attempt to fix them. And while we are on the subject, how about fixing these errors. The first 11 cards are all clearly wrong, I have also reported these for well over a month now. I even sent you personally an E-mail about all of these cards two weeks ago with no reply and nothing being fixed yet
The way these were listed in Beckett was very confusing, but we figured it out. They are all being corrected today.

FYI, I don't recommend sending email directly to me. We have a couple people monitoring our staff email address. Stuff frequently gets buried in my inbox.

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