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I am not sidthekid, I have a different paypal, email, etc. And I don't use facebook. I have NOT ripped anyone off, you idiots keeps foaming at the mouth calling me a thief and a scammer, yet, NO ONE has been scammed.

- 3 dc#'s went out yesterday - all 3 show they are going to there destinations - meaning all 3 dc's are active.

- I have refunded 4 people after this mess and fear of dealing with me. Yep..certainly something a scammer would do.

- I provided a buyer with my cell to text me to assure him who I am and that he has nothing to worry about.

You'd think I was handling gold. Slow down kids, it's cardboard. I'm not here to steal money from anyone and honestly, I'd appreciate it if you'd stfu about that. If you want to throw a piss party because I didn't sell cards to someone, fine, but no one has ever been ripped off, cheated out of money or not sent cards they PAID for.
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