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Originally Posted by JoeBlasch View Post
You're an idiot. YOU accepted the offer. I NEVER told you the card was yours. You assumed it was. Again, you think you were the only one on the forum and keep repeating "I posted 2 minutes after the thread" guess what dip stick, if you can post within 2 minutes, ANYONE can. Let it go. You neg'd me, the card is on it's way to someone that is NOT YOU and that's, that.

I'm sorry you assumed the card was yours. In retrospect, I'm glad you didn't get it, you're a cry baby and from what several have messaged me, have pulled this stunt many times over with other members. Get over it. It's one card. Life goes on.

well, first you're saying you're new and not completely sure how things go around here, but this post makes it pretty clear you THINK you know what's right (but it isn't).

i've said it plenty of times as politely as possible to explain why you're in this mess. you post the thread with a card and price, raider accepts before anyone else- therefore it should be his unless he flaked later on the payment. You flaked and made up some bogus "got a pm before your post" story and made it worse.

that's what happened. you're inability to understand and deal with that is mindblowing.

i mean, i guess i'll just ask you point blank: did you receive a PM before Raider's 2 minute reply? If so, i will give you step-by-step directions on how to take a screenshot and get it posted here. If not, just say so.

if you answer that, i'll shut up unless you go after one of my friends.

again, this isn't about you (though you certainly could have handled the situation better- but it's hard on the internet when a feeding frenzy has formed), but about your selling ethics. i cannot stress that enough. You seem like you can form coherent thoughts and could possibly become a huge boon to this site, but attacking members isn't the best way to have a fun lifespan here. Granted, you're getting it from all sides makes it hard to remain civil, but just answering the one hanging question is the best way to end it all rather than making petty personal attacks.
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