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Originally Posted by JoeBlasch View Post
You're an idiot. YOU accepted the offer. I NEVER told you the card was yours. You assumed it was. Again, you think you were the only one on the forum and keep repeating "I posted 2 minutes after the thread" guess what dip stick, if you can post within 2 minutes, ANYONE can. Let it go. You neg'd me, the card is on it's way to someone that is NOT YOU and that's, that.

I'm sorry you assumed the card was yours. In retrospect, I'm glad you didn't get it, you're a cry baby and from what several have messaged me, have pulled this stunt many times over with other members. Get over it. It's one card. Life goes on.

I would love to hear more about this. I am a very well respected member here, and have done nearly 200 flawless deals - along with providing sound advice for tax preparation. I'd love to see even ONE instance of what you posted above. Please feel free to have whoever "messaged" you that information so I can hear more about what you are talking about. here is the every feedback I've ever left. I see maybe 1-2 red instances in three years. And if anyone else did what you did - I'd have left a negative as well.

But I'd absolutely love to see these other PMs that you speak of again. But you hold your PMs pretty close to your heart so I know where that'll lead.
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