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Originally Posted by JoeBlasch View Post
I took more money. I'll admit that. I was offered $30 bucks and took it. I didn't know it was considered a bad thing. Someone said, hey, I'll give you 10 more bucks, screw raiders and I said, cool. $10 more bucks sounds nice considering how low I placed it at. But I have been pm'd numerous times about you, rayray, and others and how you guys bully up on everyone new. Aparrently some guys named nd3 and ronlado used to be the bullies and you took their place from what I've been told
Glad this finally came out.

And it's not that "new" people get picked on here, it's that the senior members are very protective and want to make sure the forum is populated by trustworthy sellers and buyers. That's why it's always best to own up when you make a mistake and move on, lying continuously only makes things worse.

Good luck with future deals seems like you "get it" at this point.
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