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Originally Posted by benshobbies View Post
Me, I would just cancel the transaction and move on. Sometimes financial situations change for the worse, especially in this economy. I'm not made of money. If I bid on something and a big expense comes up, than I may not be able to pay. I totally understand the case the buyer is in right now. I think the seller deserves a negative for not being kind and considerate to the customer. I go by the golden rule: "Do one to others as you've had them do unto you." I tell you for sure, slapping an unpaid item case on the customer is one good way to not get repeat business.
Except that wasn't what happened in this case. It would be one thing if the guy had said that his daughter broke her arm and he couldn't pay or that he crashed his car and needed to fix it. I probably wouldn't believe the buyer, and the buyer would still be obligated to buy the item, but I can understand seeing his side and giving him/her a break.

In this case, however, a guy spent money he didn't have, and now expects the seller to just cancel the transaction. That's a #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@ thing to do, and the buyer deserves a NPB strike.
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