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Originally Posted by FreeMan12406 View Post
Let me explain something to you and hopefully you'll understand Joe, you're literal disregard, and appalling attitude in the face of being caught in a lie is what got you and it will continue to rear it's ugly head because you out right REFUSE to keep your mouth shut.

We, the majority of the community at B.O. are dead set on keeping the trash buyers. sellers, and traders off of this site. We weren't 'picking' on you, we weren't 'attacking' you or any other word you think describes what happened. You BEGAN your life on this site pulling an extremely shady move. You were caught and called out. You then proceeded to lie and lie and lie and only all the while telling us how out right horrible we are and how you are innocent.

Well it turns out we were right, and that's what we do as a community, look out for others. If you would just keep your mouth shut, keep your head down I'm sure this would of all blown over but just ask Sid how well I let sleeping dogs lie when the other party refuses to man up.

This is attached to you now my friend, it's your Scarlet letter except you aren't near as hot as Demi Moore. Hope the bed is comfy, because it's the one you made for yourself.

Now go ahead and tell me I should get cancer or that I have no life. Show us what kind of man you are.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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