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Originally Posted by doobypenguin View Post
I want to have the boxes ordered by Friday.. we will get the boxes monday/maybe tuesday UPS doesn't deliver weekends... but i will be out of town friday anyways... I don't get back in until late on tuesday, so we won't be able to get through all the boxes, so I don't want to start too late.
The time will be set: Wednesday August 15, 7:30 pm EST. 4:30 pm PST (Thursday 9:30am Australian Canberra Time)

Break will take ? hours... but it will take a while.

we are 4 payments plus txmike away! doclegend33 will take joceltics spot per him dropping out. Let's get this done so I can order soon and guaranteed it will be in my hands. Putting all these boxes in a pile on a table is going to be monumental. Figuratively .....and structurally.. lol.
The UPS guy is not going to like you very much.
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