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Originally Posted by SelfDestruct808 View Post
And for that, i guess i have more respect for him. Guys constantly flopping is horrible to watch, just play Ball. I'm against dirty players, but if you're gonna act like you got hurt CONSTANTLY when you're really not, i hope someone gives you a reason to cry for real. And as long as batum ONLY does that to floppers, then i'll side with him.

Leave that up to the league/refs. Why would you want the players to take this into their own hands?

Because someone is flopping, they deserve to be physically assaulted? And even worse a blindside cheapshot?

How can you justify Batum winding up and cheapshot punching a guy in the groin because he was flopping?

That arguement makes ZERO sense.

I'm not defending flopping whatsoever, but that is just plain ridiculous to be happy and say Navarro or Fernandez deserved to be cheap-shotted because they flopped?!
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