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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
Well, the NBA enacted new rules against flopping. We can't control the world.

So, by your theory of taking matters into their own hands (players maliciously hurting/injuring other players due to a harmless act that has a minor impact on the game and doesn't physically hurt anyone) ... anything that anyone does in this world that is 'bad' but not illegal, we should physically injury them maliciously and on-purpose, and it's completely justified and OK?
No one is asking to solve every problem in this world. This is a basketball game. I'm talking about basketball. Guys who flop on a play is one thing, guys who, as i said above, CONSTANTLY flops IMO, shouldn't complain when someone cheap shots them because of their CONSTANT act of flopping or pretending to be hurt. Now idk if navarro constantly flopped during the game, if he didn't then thats a different story. Im not saying that if an opposing player keeps flopping, you should meet him in the parking lot and bust a cap in his azz. All i'm saying is that if someone keeps flopping and you're getting tired of it & replay clearly shows you barely touch him and magically his body flew into the stands, then do something about it. Only time the league will do something is after the game. You want him to stop flopping during the game

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