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Default Another one to add to the blocked bidders list!

Hi all heres one you guys may want to add to the blocked bidders list. luvrefractors, he bought a auction of Rizzo Draft refractor and blue paper #/499 off me for 0.99 cents. Item ended on July 26th and he pays on August 1st at night might I add 5 days after auction ends.

My process time reads on my auctions 2 days because I work and all. Anyhow I send it out on Friday I tell him Canada Post doesn't work on weekends and that Monday was a holiday in our state. I tell him it takes about 5-10 business days from Canada and that there is no tracking.

He constantly emails me 2 days after he pays demanding a tracking number and all, Threatens to leave negative I ask him to be patient. I've decided to refund his payment so that he cannot leave negative, ust a word of caution on this one guys, I read his feedback apparently he has 4 negs over the year and for the same reasons. I am sure there is more because as a seller you cannot leave negatives anymore. I think he purposely does this so he gets refunded and the cards free. Just a heads up guys! Especially for fellow canadians whom cannot get tracking unless we pay $18+ for shipping.
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