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Originally Posted by Sports Showcase View Post
Unless you want problems, do not let me buy cards from you... even though i pay you instantly it is not worth the troubles that you will have...

The past deals that i have done on here... is just dreadful... Everything goes good at first... I look at the items that they are offering... I offer a price.... Then we come to an agreement of the price for the items. I pay through paypal instantly... Then there is where the problems start...

Family Emergency.... Wrecked Vehicle.... Vehicle Broke Down.... Got the Flu... Dog Died.... Been Working Overtime....etc.. etc... that causes a delay in shipping items from guaranteed to go out the very next morning... to put off for 5-8 days.

Everyone that I have dealt with the past couple of weeks, this has happened to.. Just to save you that is reading this... Just do not sell me anything...

Please tell me youre joking. And if not dont worry about it, im sure its just a coincidence
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