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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post about dirty:

Nic Batum's nutshot hits Juan Carlos Navarro in the nuts [OL 2012] - YouTube

Ronny Turiaf pushes Rudy Fernandez on court - Spain vs France 66-59 (8-8-2012) - YouTube

Sorry for the bad video on the second one.

I actually liked both of these guys in the NBA up until I saw these idiotic and vicious actions.

For what it matters, Turiaf and Batum are now on my list of players I will wish injury upon in the NBA this coming season
What do you expect from a Miami Heat player!? lol

When I saw Nic Batum with the punch it reminded me of a Drake at the club getting into a fist fight lol extremely poor and the officiating in that game was ridiculous... flop-gate! HA!

Anyone else see Flop-Gate give team usa the momentum at the end of the 3rd qtr when they were only 6 pts up?

and with flop-gate Im referring to refs not actual flopping in this case.
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