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Originally Posted by benshobbies View Post
Just kinda curious. Click on the negatives and neutral feedbacks.

Seriously, how is this guy allowed on ebay? I'd stay away from him if I were you.

eBay My World - pickertradingpost

Really wanted a card he was selling, but I'm afraid he'll send it in a PWE.
Please don't take this as an attack but rather constructive criticism...

Understand what you are talking about before you post. You claim you went to school for business and accounting and you question why Ebay allows his to sell?

2300 positives in 1 year vs 12 negatives.

The last 2 negatives alone are from someone who seems mentally unbalanced.

Ebay let's him sell because he make them money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Please get away from the computer....Come to Cape Cod...wals the beach. I'll buy you a lobster.
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