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Originally Posted by GangGreen33 View Post
Ok so basically ur taking all of the graded categorys and randoming them 5 times and then ur taking the list of our names and randoming it and whatever BGS category we have is the type of card we hope gets pulled right? ie: So %f we end up matched with BGS 9.5+auto and tht cards gets pulled..then its ours right?Is tht how it goes? Im srry I am a lil new to this.Thanks!

Correct. The list of 28 possibilities will be randomed how many time we asked. Usually 5.

Then each box list will also be randomed off 5 times.

So if you have the top slot in the box. You match it up with the top slot in the card list.

If you are matched up with a BGS 9.5 + Auto and we pull one in that box it is yours. Then all you have to do is pay for the shipping/insurance and it gets sent to you.

Now you just have to tell me if you want all your picks in 1 box or in different boxes

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