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Default Buy/Trade 2011 Famous Fabrics Horrors of War autograph cards

Originally Posted by Steve W. View Post
As a late-comer to collecting this nifty base set and its signed cards, I realize that a lot of material has already disappeared forever into collections, but I'm hopeful that I can locate a few of the following autographs (listed alphabetically by first name as on the checklist, followed by my buying price inside the parentheses): Alberto Martin-Artajo ($785), Alexander Macomb ($250), Alfredo Sanchez Bella ($495), Charles Larson ($150), Daniel Clymer ($395), David Hunter ($395), Donald Rumsfeld ($395), Don Carlos Buell ($395), Everett Holstrom ($150), Frank Carlucci ($150), George Shultz ($175), Henry Chiles ($150), Henry Dundas ($410), (Sir) Herbert Taylor ($560), James Anton ($250), James Conway ($335), James Barnet Fry ($395), James Talmadge ($360), Joe Cotton ($150), John Abizaid ($335), John Armstrong (Sr. and Jr.) ($375 each), John Parker Boyd ($250), John Pratt ($410), John Quitman ($395), John Sloane($250), Joseph Hooker ($395), Lewis Cass ($250), Peter Gansevoort ($375), Roger Jones ($250), Silas Stringham ($250), Simeon Thayer ($375), Stuart Symington ($150), (Sir) Thomas Kelly-Kenny ($785), Thomas Pinckney ($375), Tommy Franks ($165), William Mannerback ($375), William Whistler ($395), William Windham ($410).
I'll buy or trade for any of these. Let me know if we're close on the prices of what you have or, if you prefer to swap, what autographs from this set you're looking for in trade. Thanks.
I've upped my buy prices as noted above and in my edited original post.

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