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Originally Posted by joltedman View Post
This is suppose to be a high end product. Nothing but the best in the business but I see people on the checklist that I wouldn't want in a high end UFC product. There are stars and then there are people that will probably get their contract dropped in their next fight. Hopefully they adjust the checklist a little. Then again, when I read "high end product", I think of $300/box product. Turns out it's $25 for a 5 card pack. Every pack will contain a relic or auto. If I purchased a pack for that much and got a Bart Palaszewski, Alessio Sakara, Hatsu Hioki, Brad Pickett, or a Cyrille Diabate, I'd feel a little upset. Especially if you only get 1 auto or relic per pack. I know you have to lose a little in a product and all that but those names should not be on the list. IMO anyway. BTW, here another story on it. Has the checklist and everything.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Information and Checklist | Sports Collectors Daily|Sports collecting news
Its not $25/pack.
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