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Originally Posted by joltedman View Post
Holy crap! I'm going to have to check that out. When I read the article BO didn't have anything on it at all. Thanks. I wonder what the articles sources were to be that far off. lol Basically it's going to be about the same price as Knockout then.

Is knockout really a "high end" product? Doesn't seem to me it is. When I think "high end" I'm thinking about $300-$500/box with like 1 pack. Still very cool cards and I'm going to get a jump on them.

admittedly i only collect MMA but i do read on the baseball portion of this site every day....i dont get can you even classify a $500 for one pack as a "box"...umm no that is $500 for 3 cards...not a box of cards...thats sure if i had cash i would buy some of those too...thats the bad they sell like crazy!!! and to me $200 for ufc is high end...when low end is like $ about 5x the low end....what is low end in baseball?? like $75?? so like $350 or 400 for "high end" ...seems the math is about right so far...maybe ufc will keep growing and get bigger but they prob dont sell enough cards to warrant a huge $400/box product...
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