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Hey Tim,

I like the promotions you have spoke of thus far. I have thought of a few ideas. Maybe every month or every other month run a special to send in 300 cards get 100 processed free or 200/50 or something like that.

Like my first idea maybe as sellers reachs certain amount of cards sent in they get so many free cards processed free or half price in there next shippment. Example Say I sent in 400 cards on time, then 300, then another300 later to make me reach the 1000 cards processed level. Maybe give a discount or some amount of cards processed for free on your next shipment.

Also this one might be a llittle difficult but run a standard ongoing promotion that allows you to send in any sport's new release within the first month of release and get priority service at .10 a card but the cards must be sorted with only that specific release and no other cards can be mixed in with that batch. This would make it easy on COMC when it comes to listing and give the seller an incentive to send stuff in right away.
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