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Originally Posted by adiddy32 View Post
I was watching that card as well. I was a little confused tho. One day I checked it and it was over 900 buck and I know you won it for a hell of a lot less than that... Any insite? BTW awesome card!

Thank you guys! I was shocked when I won this card for what I did. The buyer that bid over $950.00 with 23 hours left on the auction, must have asked the seller if he could cancel his or her bid on the Favors. It amazed me, b/c the card didn't jump back to that price the entire auction!!! I grabbed a mini steal. The other two Derrick Favors #/5's from NT that I know sold, was a BGS 9.5 #/5 ($1,300.00+, better patch) and the #2/5 ungraded Favors (also with a better patch then mine, sold for $1,200.00)! $900.00 would have been my max bid, on the #3/5, but I grabbed it for a lot less!

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