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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
Here's an idea I had for this product a while back (the prices haven't been updated to reflect latest changes, but you get the idea!):

What I propose is do a player draft of each guy who's in the product. Of course, this does mean that for in a single box break, one spot will have less than a 5% chance of hitting something (I eyeballed the current checklist, and between current/retired players and relics of the really old-timers, there appears to be over 100 player subjects).

Consider this:

1 box of Five Star = $450 (5 hits)
100 player subjects (approximate, subject to change)

$450/100 = $4.50/spot (5% chance at a hit)

Low risk. High reward. Can't really beat that, right? Shipping costs can be paid after the break. Of course, you can extrapolate this out over a case or multiple cases to improve your chances of hitting something:

1 3-box case = $1350 or $13.50/spot (15 hits; chances of hitting something approaches the 15% benchmark given around 100 subjects)
5 3-box cases = $4050 or $40.50/spot (45 hits, or a 45% chance of hitting something)

I think it could be a great way to get involved in a product that's out of the price range of most. I suppose you could do a "card draft" to push the slot cost down a little further, but I think it might be more fun for someone to have a chance at both the Babe Ruth bat plate AND bat knob!
I like this idea...I'll consider doing one of these later on as this doesn't release until Halloween, if there is enough interest for atleast 3 cases like this then I'll talk to Danny about holding cases and stuff
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