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Got this message from someone who bought one of the sets I had up for sale. Too bad she doesnt have the original set anymore.

In 1962, I got a whole set of Mars Attacks by buying them in 5 cent packs, one or two at a time. I also remember a 1 cent pack, and maybe a 3 cent pack, but that might have been other cards. A few years later, my mom threw them away, along with my other cards that I kept in a shoe box. This 2012 set is very close to the 1962 original, and if it smelled like chewing gum, they would be a dead on match. Now I have the 1988 set, the 1994 set, and now the 2012 set. I still miss my 1962 set, although I would most likely sell it if I still had it, and put the cash in my kids college fund. Thanks for the cards and the quick delivery.
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