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Originally Posted by Sushiyoshi View Post
Got this message from someone who bought one of the sets I had up for sale. Too bad she doesnt have the original set anymore.
I compiled a complete "Mars Attacks" set in 1962, which eventually vanished or was tossed out; and then bought a complete set in 1972 (with 15-20 duplicates) for about $50 in trade. I sold the replacement set for a substantial amount of money in about 1983 at a comics/card show in Oakland, and today, I don't own any original "Mars Attacks" cards.

I do have a complete 1994 set, along with a complete 2012 set, and I'm pretty happy with just having those. The lady who wrote the comments you shared is absolutely correct about the 2012 set: It looks just like the original set except for the tiny "2012" copyright date on the reverse side.

Below is a link to an essay I wrote about the whole deal and posted on my blog. It's titled about "Mars Attacks and Me," and includes scans of related art, and a few of the sketch cards I drew for the "Mars Attacks Heritage" set.

'Mars Attacks' and Me - Russ Maheras - Open Salon
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