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i see this"NBA to Columbus" propaganda plasterred all over the net,and i have to say there is a flip side to all of this

Columbus is a college football town,period.

Columbus is not a big enough "metro" city to support college football and pro sports .

There is no getting around it.that is just the way it is.

let's look at the pro sports teams that are in Columbus now:

Columbus Crew Soccer:their attendance is dropping,and they are losing millions every year.

this soccer team doesn't even have a jersey sponsor,they are that lame.

Columbus Bluejackets Hockey:

let's face it.The Bluejackets suck.This hockey team is the poster child why no professional sports team can make money in Columbus.

they are millions in the red every year,and attendance has been skydiving regularly

the only reason this team even exists is because the mayor of Columbus and the city council are the team owners' puppets.

City Council bought the Arena with speculated incomefrom tax revenue from the new Casino without giving the voters in Columbus the opportunity to vote on the decision.just so the Bluejackets would have a favorable lease

before the Arena was even built,voters in Columbus overwhelmingly voted against taxpayers paying for the construction of the Arena,which forced Nationwide to pay for the construction of the Arena.

The Arena itself should never had been built,because there is already Schottenstein Arena just a few miles away.

Columbus is not big enough to support 2 Arenas,period.

the propagandists say that sports teams being money and jobs to Columbus.

i say hogwash,because the money is already just would not be pissed away on tickets to see a also ran sports team.
as for jobs,they are already here as well,even without the benefit of sport teams.

the best thing to do with the Nationwide Arena?Implode the POS.

sell the land to devellopers and let them build 5000 condos downtown,and the city can reap the tax benefits while local businesses make a killing off of the residents.

what you have here is a small group of people that think they know what is best for Columbus,and nobody else does.
plus the usual urban snobbage that thinks Columbus is the new Portland or Seattle,and wants to turn downtown Columbus into a Cedar Point for hipsters.

in closing,before even thinking about a pro sports team,this city govt.needs to get its' priorities straight.
the mass transit system in Columbus is a mess(it sucks),the streets need fixed(potholes in July),and the school system is outright FUBAR.

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