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Originally Posted by timgetsch View Post
The way these were listed in Beckett was very confusing, but we figured it out. They are all being corrected today.

FYI, I don't recommend sending email directly to me. We have a couple people monitoring our staff email address. Stuff frequently gets buried in my inbox.
Originally Posted by cardsrus1 View Post
Thank you for taking care of the Bowman cards finally. But why did it need to take over a month to get it fixed? And my cards are still not corrected. Again, why should it take over a month to get an error fixed?

Is it possible to not show cards you have marked ready to ship when selecting Only show cards flagged "Not For Sale". There is already an option to show cards that are ready to ship.
My cards have still not been corrected! I am half way to being charged storage fees for the cards

I am also still getting cards that I have not flagged "Not For Sale" showing up under that option.

If you are still looking for ideas for specials I would recommend hockey cards, any and all

Buying 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Short Print autos I need.
I can always be contacted through
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