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Originally Posted by smoothfidelity View Post
This is about the dumbest post I have encountered on this forum (except for the idiotic reruns we all have to read from you know who). So if someone doesn't live in Orlando, they all of the sudden have never watched Dwight play? Us non residents are only privy to highlights? Think again guy.

I could care less what Dwight does off the court and all the mumbo jumbo you are crying about he did to get his coach fired and such. On the court, he is a monster. Therefore, you can continue to be bitter because it is clearly shining through. Good riddance Bynum.
A monster on the court would average more than 20 pts a game. I dont think anyone averaging 20 pts a game is a monster lol. Also to clear up that statement, unless you have nba league pass i doubt you watch as many Magic games as i do. Point blank period Bynum average 3 pts less and maybe 2 rebounds a game. He shares the paint with Gasol and Dwight had nobody. If you want to name a monster on the court, that would be Shaq and he helped LA win... Dwight wont. Gnite dumbass
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