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Default 2012 Topps Olympics WANT LIST/ TRADE LIST

Added many new available cards to help you with your wantlist. This is what I have:

400+ Gold parallels to trade
800+ Silver parallels to trade (many stars included such as Phelps, Franklin, Solo, Lochte, etc)
1000+ Bronze parallels to trade (many stars included such as Phelps, Solo, Raisman, etc)
900+ base cards to trade (includes many Micheal Phelps and Ryan Lochte extras, at least 15 each)
27 extra Opening Ceremony inserts to trade
45 extra Olympic Venues inserts to trade
150+ extra Heritage of the Olympic Games inserts to trade
180+ extra Games of the XXX Olympiad inserts to trade

If you have any of the following I will trade with you and anymore that you need I'll swap out with extras, so for example you have 3 gold parallels for me but I have 6 for you, you send me the 3 that I need, I send you the 6 that you need and you just include 3 of your extras. We can make this very simple and easy.

Just send me your wantlist and because all of my Olympic cards are sorted, I'll be able to get back to your fairly quickly within half a day or less.

If you have Olympic cards on my list and I don't have any for yours, I am willing to trade other cards such as Allen and Ginter, non sports, etc. Will also buy.

Here is my WANTLIST:

Gold set: 50, 90
Silver set:
Bronze set: 17x3, 59x3, 87x2

2012 Venues set: 10x2, 17, 18, 19, 27
HOTOG set: 1896 (OH-I), 1968 (OH-XIX), 2008 (OH-XXIX), 2012 (OH-XXX)
OLY set: 19x2
Opening Ceremony set: 1, 2, 10, 16, 18, 23

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