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Originally Posted by Burt-Reynolds View Post
thanks. yeah i got it for a steal on ebay. the seller had it listed horribly and it was ending like at 3 am on a saturday. i bought it strictly for a investment. how many do you have? from the research i've done these would seem to be the rarest gio rookies available, besides the bowman chrome red's, right? you never see them on ebay, and mine is the only one currently listed.
The Donruss Elite's are beautiful cards with the exception that Gio has such a tall autograph you will rarely see a BGS 10 grade on the auto. I have several of these and had several of them graded. Most came back with 8's and 9's auto grade from Becket. I love the Bowman Chrome version for this reason, his auto is directly on the card and they are not as condition sensitive.

The Fleer Hot Prospects are the worse! If you can find a BGS 10 auto grade on a Fleer Hot Prospects, I would be completely surprised. I do like the thickness of the card but his autograph on most of these cards are atrocious!

Great pick up on the Gold!
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