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Originally Posted by harperandtrout View Post
I knew I would regret leaving you good feedback. Enjoy the feedback revision.

I find it very sad that you bad mouth me for your shipping ERROR DAMAGING EVERY SINGLE CARD that you HORRIBLY packaged and then have the nerve to make the false assupmtion that I overpaid and wanted to back out. I would have made at least $50 minimum on the cards had you not screwed them up.

If I were you, I wouldn't quit my day job anytime soon. Grow up.
It's really not even worth responding to you, but here goes:

Those cards were packaged very well. In a snap case, between base cards on the top and bottom, penny sleeves folded up to keep them tight, and taped shut. Funny that you wanted a refund because every card had a "dinged corner" yet, only 2-3 had very questionable damage.

I am very confindent and happy with my recommendation to block you. Other's can do as they please.

If you want pristine 10 cards, then buy graded pristine 10 cards. I stated in the auction that they were all nrmnt/mnt condition, and every one of them would have graded that way.

By the way, I don't appreciate the personal attacks. very classy.

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