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Originally Posted by harperandtrout View Post
That is because you are ignorant. If I were in your shoes, I would have some humility and not block someone for the mistake I made, especially when the person spends hundreds through thousands buying each month and driving up your ending prices. I can post our entire Ebay messages to the forum if you would like where you admitted you were at fault. Or was you just lying then too to avoid bad feedback?
I apologized, gave you an instant refund, and said I'll change my shipping methods for you. What more do you want??? I don't feel any of those cards were damaged, and they were all as described in my auction (Nrmnt/Mnt).

My opinion differs from yours. Sorry.

I blocked you, and warned others, because I don't feel I need to sell cards as if they are pristine 10. I said Nrmnt/Mnt, and that's what they were.

I'm done with it now.

Moving on.

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