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Originally Posted by Divino View Post
I apologized, gave you an instant refund, and said I'll change my shipping methods for you. What more do you want??? I don't feel any of those cards were damaged, and they were all as described in my auction (Nrmnt/Mnt).

My opinion differs from yours. Sorry.

I blocked you, and warned others, because I don't feel I need to sell cards as if they are pristine 10. I said Nrmnt/Mnt, and that's what they were.

I'm done with it now.

Moving on.
They weren't near mint with all of the corners bent. Learn to accurately describe or grade or don't put near mint.

You also called me a liar because I wanted a refund along with starting this inaccurate thread. Why would I want a refund on $50+ profit had you not damaged them all? Also, how do you determine what near mint is? Do you think it's smart to have $10 cards banging around in the cheap cases you mail them in. You are an eBay stud.
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