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Default Ebay seller to block


This is by far the worst seller I have ever dealt with on eBay. Divino shipped cards that I won in a lot of 20, many of them worth over $10 each. He packages them in a snap case with a few bent soft sleeves on top to "supposedly" keep them secure.

Every single card was damaged and bent in the upper right hand corners. I kindly told the seller I needed a refund because the cards were damaged. The seller then proceeds to argue and label me as a liar without any evidence to support his claim.

Divino did give me the refund and said he learned to package his cards better, so I go ahead and leave him positive feedback.

Then he comes to this forum telling sellers to block me because of his misguided illusions on why I wanted to return his busted cards. My advice is to avoid this seller because if any problems arise, he will lie, insult, and whatever else he feels he needs to do to cover his mistakes.

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