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One last time, to defend myself yet again...

First off, I packaged the 20 cards in a 50 count snap case. about 15 extra base on the bottom, then the 20 card lot, then enough base cards on top to fill it up. I then folded 4-5 penny sleeves twice and set that on top, closed the lid, and taped it shut. I shook the case to make sure there was no movement. I could have thrown it agains my wall, and they still would not have moved.

You asked for a refund, I gave you one the moment I got the cards back. I checked all the cards. I noticed maybe 2-3 that had a minor corner imperfection, which I do not believe was caused by shipping (and the cards were ALL STILL NRMNT/MNT as stated in my auction).

I stated my case, in my thread over and over. I believe you either A. feel you overpaid and wanted a refund, or B. were expecting Pristine 10 cards, and were not happy with the 2-3 with minor imperfections (AGAIN all cards in the lot were still NRMNT/MNT as described in the description.)

People can read your side of the story, and mine, and choose for themselves what they want to do.

I've made a ton of deals on here, ebay, and other forums, and you are the only complaint I have ever had.

I don't feel the need to repeat myself anymore, so that's that.

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