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Originally Posted by Divino View Post
One last time, to defend myself yet again...

First off, I packaged the 20 cards in a 50 count snap case. about 15 extra base on the bottom, then the 20 card lot, then enough base cards on top to fill it up. I then folded 4-5 penny sleeves twice and set that on top, closed the lid, and taped it shut. I shook the case to make sure there was no movement. I could have thrown it agains my wall, and they still would not have moved.

You asked for a refund, I gave you one the moment I got the cards back. I checked all the cards. I noticed maybe 2-3 that had a minor corner imperfection, which I do not believe was caused by shipping (and the cards were ALL STILL NRMNT/MNT as stated in my auction).

I stated my case, in my thread over and over. I believe you either A. feel you overpaid and wanted a refund, or B. were expecting Pristine 10 cards, and were not happy with the 2-3 with minor imperfections (AGAIN all cards in the lot were still NRMNT/MNT as described in the description.)

People can read your side of the story, and mine, and choose for themselves what they want to do.

I've made a ton of deals on here, ebay, and other forums, and you are the only complaint I have ever had.

I don't feel the need to repeat myself anymore, so that's that.
Yet you still feel the need to lie to defend yourself. The case was barely half full. Funny that you repeat giving me a return as if you had a choice.

Your beliefs are the whole problem, you falsely assumed why I returned the cards which is incorrect along with treating me as a liar for wanting a return. You are clueless if you think the bent cards would grade near mint by any respectable grader.

I have far more feedback ratings and transactions than you do on eBay if that is your best defense for your lack of morals.
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