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Originally Posted by 7290morint View Post
It's always a gamble when you request a redemption replacement. I think in almost all instances you are just better off waiting for the card. Especially since Hosmer has autos in current products. Topps uses both eBay & beckett to asses values on cards for replacements (those were their words).

Edit: Here are there direct words from the national when asked about value...

I can't get to the twitter links from work, but I was at the meet and greet. Forget about what they said for a second. Did anyone comment on how very few of the people representing Topps had been there longer than 1 year? I think they had 6-8 people there, only 4 longer than 1 year. Some were like months.

Also, a nice comment when the guy from marketing said "Bowman is a sleepy product..." What?!?!?!

Topps is out of touch with the collector. I realize they need to turn a profit, but this is ridiculous. Sucks that Topps is king...Panini seems like they have their ish together when it comes to customer relations.
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