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Hello everyone!! Used to be a huge collector of all the 4 major sports. Now I am trying to narrow it down to just Baseball and Football. So I will probably be posting some Hockey here in the near future.
Currenty collecting Old School 49ers (J. Rice - J. Montana - S. Young - R. Lott.....and so on) and some of the newer kids like Strasburg - B. Harper - M. Trout - A.Luck - R. Griffin III - Mainly the higher end stuff. Also collect odd ball stuff like the Mascot Patches from 2012 Upper Deck Football and stuff like that. If anybody has any of these Players and want to make a deal - just drop me a line!
I also set up at card shows all the time so if anybody is looking for certian cards or players just let me know and I can see what I can do. Thanks and looking forward to dealing with all of you
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