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Default Suggestions

A couple ideas for future features on the site or bulk editor:

1. be able to seach your inventory for cards that are not the lowest price available. (could be added to pulldown tab from site or bulk editor). This would be my biggest time saver on the site as I like to be competitive in my pricing.

2. top 10 or top 100 sorts of most active cards sold in the past 90 days. can be by individual card, player, or set. this would help determine what to send in.

Also, for the flippers and bulk rate shippers, I lowered many $3 and $4 cards down to 25 cents.

Thanks for the great site Tim!

PS. My shortlist to buy is 1971 topps baseball #648. I'm willing to pay $10 for a non-creased card. Also willing to drop $200 on a Kobe Bryant RC Chrome.
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