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Originally Posted by NonSportsCardForum View Post
Hope your 18 cases treats you better than my one. It made me sick to my stomach.
They can't all be good

Originally Posted by BengalsJayhawks View Post
What was your breakdown?
I curious to see what people get

Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
Through 4 cases now, and very pleased with results. One case was bad, the other 3 were great. About to start listing everything so far.

nice looking forward to seeing the cards,
Originally Posted by spud1972 View Post
I am very excited to collect this. Has potential to be my favorite non sport. Huge fan of the show. Looking forward to hearing hits!
Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
In 4 cases I have hit:

2 Anna Paquins
1 Michelle Forbes
1 Stephen Moyer
3 Deborah Ann Wolls
1 Lizzy Caplan (Normal)

and then a bunch of other autos as well. The worst case had the Michelle Forbes as the Extremely Limited. All 4 cases are breaking down with 1 Extremely Limited, and 3-4 Very Limiteds, with the exception of the Michelle Forbes case which only had 2 very limiteds (It was a really bad case)

I feel bad for the people that Pre-Sold some of the autographs. They must not have been paying attention when the checklist was posted, I have not hit a single Godric, or Terry Bellafleur autograph in 4 cases, and I pre purchased 3 of each at a very low price...less than half I suspect they will sell for once everyone starts opening up their cases. I have a feeling a couple sellers won't be fulfilling my order when they see how tough some of these pulls are.

I have 14 cases left which 8 of them are sold. I am opening one more, then I might just sit on the other 5. I could see the price for boxes/cases actually going up with this release...something I have been saying all along. The autograph checklist is really strong, and the fanbase of this show is very large. I know people who have never opened a pack of cards in their life that ordered a box or two of this stuff.

Wow very nice stuff

I dont ship outside the USA
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