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Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
In 4 cases I have hit:

2 Anna Paquins
1 Michelle Forbes
1 Stephen Moyer
3 Deborah Ann Wolls
1 Lizzy Caplan (Normal)

and then a bunch of other autos as well. The worst case had the Michelle Forbes as the Extremely Limited. All 4 cases are breaking down with 1 Extremely Limited, and 3-4 Very Limiteds, with the exception of the Michelle Forbes case which only had 2 very limiteds (It was a really bad case)

I feel bad for the people that Pre-Sold some of the autographs. They must not have been paying attention when the checklist was posted, I have not hit a single Godric, or Terry Bellafleur autograph in 4 cases, and I pre purchased 3 of each at a very low price...less than half I suspect they will sell for once everyone starts opening up their cases. I have a feeling a couple sellers won't be fulfilling my order when they see how tough some of these pulls are.

I have 14 cases left which 8 of them are sold. I am opening one more, then I might just sit on the other 5. I could see the price for boxes/cases actually going up with this release...something I have been saying all along. The autograph checklist is really strong, and the fanbase of this show is very large. I know people who have never opened a pack of cards in their life that ordered a box or two of this stuff.
Glad to see a nice break, after seeing Will's case I was a bit worried. Your break is more in line with what I expected, if they kept the run to 7000 boxes or less there should be enough of the 3 Extremely Limited autos to average out to 1 per case.
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