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Default RL's 2012 Topps Chrome Case Break - Random Team

All the packages have been shippedand DC#'s are available in PayPal!!

IMPORTANT - Please post in this thread ASAP once you receive your cards!

I hope I did a good job at breaking and keeping the process running smoothly! Remember, this was my frist ever break!

Thanks again for letting me host, and I hope to see you all in my upcoming 5-case random team Topps Chrome break!

Scans are below for your viewing pleasure, recaps can be found on the Ustream page, link is below the scans!

nhsportsguy @ Ustream.TV - . Free .TV shows, LIVE Video Chat Rooms.

Texas Rangers - railerbball3

Colorado Rockies - wilsonsingles (from dirtybirdy)
Tampa Bay Rays - KB81
Los Angeles Dodgers - wilsonsingles
Washington Nationals - thebrett
Baltimore Orioles - wilsonsingles (from dirtybirdy)
Seattle Mariners - dirtybirdy
Kansas City Royals - thebrett (from truene_09)
Cleveland Indians - wilsonsingles (from samuel1219)
Boston Red Sox - ajscards101
San Diego Padres - wilsonsingles
San Francisco Giants - CMpunk13
Minnesota Twins - shabagel
Detroit Tigers - brandonlec
Los Angeles Angels - jsrb14
St. Louis Cardinals - wilsonsingles (from jrubbo23)
Milwaukee Brewers - jfray
New York Mets - wilsonsingles (from truene_09)
Atlanta Braves - KB81
Pittsburgh Pirates - thebrett (from jrubbo23)
Chicago White Sox - conquest1984
Oakland Athletics - KB81
Toronto Blue Jays - antthebody
Florida Marlins - jrodlc08
Received - Cincinatti Reds - truene_09 (from thebrett)
Chicago Cubs - reid n owen
Arizona Diamondbacks - dirtybirdy
Philadelphia Phillies - wilsonsingles (from thebrett)
New York Yankees - Kchance13

PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!

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