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I never said it was the same exact thing. See people have the hardest time reading on this board. And there it is resort to calling the person a troll

LMAO that exactly proves my point.

Once again, by allowing PWCC to advertise (which multiple people have agreed with) and which is abusing the idea of the 'ebay title' - it opens up the possibility of future abuse. Like I said a million times one person blurs the line then others do it then others step over it and it becomes a complete mockery.

People ask why I keep saying the same thing and its because certain members have the hardest time actually reading and comprehending. They get all hurt and attack someone without even reading whats written and then impose what they think i said which is completely wrong.

good to see old knicker still worried about my posts and responding. lol yet i'm on his ignore (i'm sure he will point it out 15 more times while responding to me) hahahahahaha wow
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