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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
It appears you have an agenda - we get it. Also - you are not comparing apples to apples. You are starting to reach a little here and the validity of your argument is becoming less valid.

JordanExquisite would be keyword spamming because it would pull up items not related to the auctions listed (if they were in fact not Jordan Exquisite cards). However PWCC if searched for - will only pull items listed by PWCC. He is allowing customers to search for him by his name - yes you could also save his in your "Saved Sellers" area. However - he is simply giving you an option to find his listings easier.

To call this abuse is absurd.
But what if JordanExquisite is his username. People said more sellers should list their username or advertise. My point is that it will become ridiculous.

Ebay titles are suppose to be a description of the product. Is PWCC selling themselves? Do you get a share of PWCC? Like I said a million times its not the same as other spam words but it is a misuse of the title. Thats a fact.
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