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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
I'm not reaching because we all know that is exactly what will happen on ebay if sellers start advertising their stores/companies.

I mean come one someone just posted a ebay title with a KG #9/10 and the person called it a 1/1 because its the only #9/10.

You are telling me that someone won't resort to my 'reaching' attempt?

My point is that it will be the same exact thing that PWCC is doing by advertising themselves. Like I said someone blurs the line others will continue and everything will go to crap.

That's my point and that is why it left a bad taste in my mouth because they are misusing the point of the title and if allowed it will just ruin ebay/the hobby/ whatever even more...

To compare JordanExquisite to PWCC, the seller would need to type 'JE'!

PWCC is an abbreviation!!

But seriously, who cares!! And, I know people are saying to put Murrke on ignore, but I just can't do it! It makes me feel like a genius everytime I read his posts! Lol
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