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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
The whole 1/1 thing has been going on for years now - and that's not even the worst one. Wait till you see ones where people do things like: 5/6 is 1/1 because John Doe was born on 5-6-19xx.. Those are great!


Ebay doesn't have a policy against this. It really seems like you just want to find something here to complain over. The tittles are meant to be used for keywords - and if a seller feels like their seller name is good enough to be used a a keyword and searched for by a consumer, then more power to them!

And if certain ebay names were to cause a problem for keyword spamming - they would get pulled, because you know consumers will complain. However, I don't see a problem with a seller using their name if it doesn't pull up an unrelated auction.
Like I've said multiple times. I really don't have a huge problem with it. I am merely pointing it out because I see people complain about the whole "1/1" thing ALL THE TIME. And this misuse of titles can eventually evolve to that.

The problem with this thread is we have members coming in here to not actually read what I am saying and call me a troll when I post legit points refuting what they say. Whether or not it upsets me (which it really doesn't) really doesn't matter. I said it left me with a bad taste and people then jumped all over me saying stupid stuff that has nothing to do with anything. Just as people don't like 1/1 tags I think the allowance of this could become similar.
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