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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
All you're saying is "IF"... why make a deal about it? Your points are all just "waah I don't like what he's doing because IF...."

And we have refuted those. In this instance it doesn't affect searches. It doesn't annoy anybody (other than you). Just let it go...

Should anyone ever start actually keyword spamming with their username, I think enough people here will try to do something about it.
Now step away before you make yourself look like even more of an argumentative fool than you already are.
haha yes master fool spotter!

From the beginning I stated that it could become a problem and although its not a huge deal right now it is somewhat a misuse of the title and to me thats dishonest, sketchy, whatever. (why it left a bad taste in my mouth).

I really had no stake in it or thought it was a huge deal but upon being blasted as a troll by other members (maybe I should have just forgotten it) but i tried to express my point by explaining 'what ifs, other similar cases, etc etc' yet they had a hard time comprehending the english language. And 4 pages later here we go with the arrogant members (like you) resorting to name calling.

good work buddy

i am officially done with this thread. i made my point. some agreed while others disagreed. some were to arrogant to comprehend and resorted to name calling. Some have disagreed and said it didn't matter, they are fine with it, while others have agreed and said that it is indeed advertising.
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