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Originally Posted by doctorres112 View Post
What can I expect?

I know that it is a small card show but do vendors usually try to give better deals on boxes if you break there? Also, should I bring some nicer cards to trade? I don't have a lot of high end but I have some of the local teams and don't want to bring them if you guys don't recommend it.

Also, I have a fair amount of base stars like Kobe/Paul/LeBron/D Wade/Duncan etc.....are these worth bringing to see if they want to buy these from me and flip at a greater price (.10 ea vs. .25 ea)

Anyway, your thoughts are much appreciated.


Are you talking about the show at the live oak civic center coming up this sun the 19th? If so i will be setting up at that show. I always set up at that show everytime they have it which is pretty much every 4-6 weeks or so. Base star cards dont sell very well there unless its heavily discounted. Mid level cards tend to do a little better but most of the time dealers are going to be trading unless you sell at a good price depending on the card. Hope that helps somewhat.
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