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Originally Posted by mrveggieman View Post
As far as base cards most dealers are not interested in them unless you luck across and find someone who will buy them in bulk. If so you will be lucky to sell them for a penny a piece. You may want to talk to other collectors that you see at the show to see if there is any intrest.
Thanks for the input, it is much appreciated.

Originally Posted by O2BMJ23 View Post
Are you talking about the show at the live oak civic center coming up this sun the 19th? If so i will be setting up at that show. I always set up at that show everytime they have it which is pretty much every 4-6 weeks or so. Base star cards dont sell very well there unless its heavily discounted. Mid level cards tend to do a little better but most of the time dealers are going to be trading unless you sell at a good price depending on the card. Hope that helps somewhat.
Yes that is the show. I heard it was relatively small but want to check it out anyway. Should I just bring the GU/AUTO cards I don't want to see if the vendors will take them for trade or purchase? I know they wouldn't fetch more than $1-$4 per but they are just sitting at my house.

Also, is it a good place to buy some boxes or do you think BO still has better prices on sealed boxes?

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