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Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
haha this site is turning into one huge joke with all you whining B***hes.

You couldn't wait more than 10 hours for a response when I wasn't on here? Get over yourself. I did agree to send you the card back! And I had contacted him. You can say all you want but the facts are this:

I sent the wrong packages out(my bad). I contacted both of you, EVEN sent an additional 2.50 to the other guy and was told that both packages were shipped. Not much else I can do. And then when you contact me one more time I don't instantly respond to your PM so you put me on blast? Nice job buddy. I made a mistake and did everything I could to fix it. And missed your PM by a few hours. Sorry man you don't need to do this and try and say I didn't try to make it right.

To Houdini:

I didn't open it until after i contacted them and then they never told me to send it back so I figured just keep it. I told them that they had sent me a mini bat instead of a full size bat and they agreed to ship the original and didn't ask for the other one back.

Y'all can go screw off. You don't know #@#@#@#@.
You were on when I PM'd you. You can tell your story whichever way you like, but the truth is you are a JOKE and need to learn how to properly deal with people and situations. You avoid the situation and blow people get put on blast. Enough said.
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