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ok this is from my OP i just didnt want it to be to long

Ryan dempster C/O foundation email

Zach Britton 1/1 C/O team

Domonic Brown 4/4 C/O team

Koji Uehara 2/3 C/O team

Matt Harrison 1/1 C/O team

John Hicks 1/1 C/O team

Brian Broderick 1/1 C/O team

Jason Motte 2/2 C/O team

Ian Gac 1/1 C/O team

Wandy Rodriguez 2/3 C/O team

Mike Leake 1/3 C/O team

Rene Tosoni 1/1 C/O team

Mike Wilson 1/1 C/O team

Paul Hoilman 2/2 C/O team

Lars Anderson 1/1 C/O team

Jordan Zimmerman 1/2 C/O team

Nyjer Morgan 3/3 C/O team

Matt Guy 1/1 C/O home

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