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Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
haha this site is turning into one huge joke with all you whining B***hes.
To Houdini:

I didn't open it until after i contacted them and then they never told me to send it back so I figured just keep it. I told them that they had sent me a mini bat instead of a full size bat and they agreed to ship the original and didn't ask for the other one back.

Y'all can go screw off. You don't know #@#@#@#@.
I can prove I am telling the truth and that you are a liar.

Here in your own words:

My favorite quote is here at 6:25 after the sealed package is already opened: "Well now I hope they don't ask me to send it back. I'll be like, oops, sorry, I opened it."

Oh, and this:

Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
Yeah I got everything. Just sent me the mini bat instead of the real full size bat I ordered :/ Besides the 25$ price difference I was really hoping to add an auto'd bat to my collection! Oh well. I've heard that they normally make it up to the customer fairly well.
Originally Posted by whityscards View Post
thats a bummer, those full bat autos are sick. Did you "accidently" open the bat box and then find out it was a mini? If its still sealed might as well give it a peak and find out who you coulda got who knows could be some redemption for a gu bat if they have those in the mini bat boxes.

But they should deff either refund you or send you a full bat free of charge, wouldnt shock me if it came back signed by the worst player on the checkist though
Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
Really? An honest mistake means they should give you a $40 item for free? eBay has really corrupted buyers.
Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
Not a bad break of everything. I did "accidentally open" the mini bat . I hope that they will just send me the real back. I don't really care if they do anything else but the full size bats are sick! Got Dexter Fowler #21/50 Black on the mini bat. Not bad for sure lol. And pulled an auto out of my 2012 topps opening day! (1 out of 568)
Doesn't really sound like you had already heard from them in this post, now does it?

Hmmm. Awfully strange.

Now, the readers of this can judge for themselves using your own words whether I am a liar or you are.

Thread: Huge package coming in tomorrow!!! So excited!
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